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Protecting the rare and the precious with BUBEN&ZORWEG


Collectors, who appreciate the focus that was placed on security this year, received the new creations from BUBEN&ZORWEG, that were shown at Baselworld in March for the first time, with great enthusiasm.


A quick look at the latest, most relevant results from famous auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christie’s are proving that precious paintings, sculptures or "objects d'art" are among the most coveted masterpieces for both collectors and investors alike. The same is true for Fine Watchmaking where the latest successful auctions also prove that the collectors' market has never seen such demand.

But once acquired, the question of how to effectively protect and display that Rodin sculpture, Warhol painting or even that famous 1932 Henry Graves Supercomplication from Patek Philippe, that only last November found a new owner for the record amount of 21.3 million dollars, remains to be answered… until now!

Aware of the needs and demands of some of the most important collectors in the world, BUBEN&ZORWEG unveiled the PRIVATE MUSEUM, a solution where design, aesthetics and cutting edge security come together in one single sophisticated display system.

Inserted into a wall, the PRIVATE MUSEUM from BUBEN&ZORWEG frames a protective armoured glass that, on demand, slides vertically allowing access to the precious objects displayed inside. Once opened via a biometric fingerprint system, an additional protection level is available trough an invisible infrared grid that, if violated, will instantly activate an alarm system.

Available in different layouts, including one with 63 Time Movers®, the BUBEN&ZORWEG PRIVATE MUSEUM is a new and unique display solution designed to integrate into the most discerning home decoration or complete that special treasure chamber built over a lifetime of collecting. With the BUBEN&ZORWEG PRIVATE MUSEUM, the best art and watch collections will be able to find a new expression in the eyes of their owners.


Although the PRIVATE MUSEUM was a highlight for BUBEN&ZORWEG during this year’s Baselworld show, three new additions to the Collector Safe line also made their debut, further underlining the importance of security in everyday life when precious objects are considered.

Highly customisable, the new BUBEN&ZORWEG GALAXY safe collection was conceived with both woman and man in mind and incorporates a retro-futuristic look, underlined by its conjugation of high quality quilted leather and high-gloss lacquer available in white (Pearl White) or black (Black Stardust). Particularly appealing are the shaped chrome metal handles on the doors, which allow access to the safe and its precious content.


Watching a safe elevate itself at the touch of a button is something, one would say, that was taken directly out of Q´s gadget lab in a 007 movie. In this case, the next generation of the already iconic X-007 safe came directly from the BUBEN&ZORWEG manufactory in Germany, where its R&D department can rightfully be compared with a lab Q would have worked in.

The next generation X-TREME 007 was completely redesigned with a new outside shape and decoration where an “x” shaped cover highlights its stronger, stylish expression. And, as only a spy like 007 would conceive, the only safe in the world that opens vertically remains completely disguised to the eyes of the uninformed onlooker.