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The safest safe that only those in the know will recognize it for what it is. When closed the X-007 – this globally unique innovation from BUBEN&ZORWEG – appears somehow mysterious… the fascinating appearance of beautifully crafted exquisite materials. Like a work of art that is self-referential. All the more so if it is the Inbuilt version.

When the proud owner operates the high-security PAXOS system originally developed for Swiss banks and the X-007 rises from the depths and reveals its character, it is like being in a secret agent film.

Luxurious leather surrounds the items safely secured inside the X-007 and highlighted by LEDs: Rare automatic watches carefully maintained by TIME MOVER® units, jewelry and accessories in sublimely clad drawers, all those things only very few should know about… all safe and sound inside the X-007. VdS II certifi ed. A safe like this… unique.


    • High-security safe with VdS II (German Security Certification)
    • Worldwide unique opening mechanism
    • Patented safe wall construction from RELASTAN®
    • High-security PAXOS® compact locking system
    • Connectible to the home alarm system
    • State-of-the-art LED lighting with fading technology
    • Lockable security glass door with high-security lock
    • Emergency crank for opening the safe in the event of a power failure
    • Bespoke interior options are available


    • Closed: 1200 x 744 x 612 mm
    • Open: 2000 x 744 x 612 mm
    • 580 kg
    • Mains Operation


    Black lacquer / hand polished stainless steel with emblem

    Black lacquer / hand polished stainless steel

    Veneer / Gold

    Nearly every material can be used for designing your bespoke X-007 lid


    black / diablo

    white / ivory

    various colours are available

    Name Filetype Filesize
    Datasheet pdf 2 MB Download
    Interiorfolder pdf 3 MB Download
    X-007 Inbuilt images zip 668 KB Download
    X-007 Inbuilt images high resolution zip 42 MB Download
    3D file zip 16 MB Download

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