“Q” had mentioned that room before and described what was safely kept inside, but nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to experience. He only knew he had to get it, no matter what!

In the center of the exquisitely decorated room was a design object that no one would have identified as a high-tech safe. Even he would not have identified its purpose since it concealed itself whilst lending an air of monumental ornamentalism to the space it occupied.

Confidently, he approached the object and immediately recognised the advanced PAXOS® locking system that already proved its worth in Swiss banks and other high security demanding applications. One after the other he selected the numbers of the 8 digit code only he knew.

Once the sequence was confirmed by the digital display, he then turned the central knob which immediately unlocked the motorised bolts. Then, by pressing an additional button, the whole center of the safe slowly began to rise, revealing an exquisitely decorated inner core with a two-way mirror glass door. “Spyglass”… the thought brought a smile to his face.

Once unlocked trough the push of a secret button, he finally gained access to its content. Inside, softly rotating on a TIME MOVER® watch winder system, the automatic wristwatch that had accompanied him on so many missions was finally at hand. Turning away while adjusting the watch bracelet to his wrist, he could sense the motion of the safes core lowering and locking itself again into the security of its RELASTAN® walls.

Ingenious as ever, “Q” had named the extraordinary object befittingly. A name he fully approved. Bond would remember the X-007 EXTREME.


The site of the new X-007 EXTREME by BUBEN & ZORWEG is unquestionably a powerful stimulant to one´s imagination. The exquisite craftsmanship and high-tech german technology are a collectors dream able to safe keep the most precious objects or watch collection.

Powered by the elaborate PAXOS® compact, high-security locking system, and sporting weight-reducing RELASTAN® walls (50% lighter than conventional safe walls) for added security and ease of installation, the X-007 EXTREME is a true design object capable of integrating the finest and discerning room decorations.

Its unique and innovative, motorised vertical opening system allows access to its contents while standing, where most safes require that the user has to take a squatting position to operate it. A system that also allows for the remarkable display of its content.

The optional Spy-glass door hides the inner content of the safe until the inner LED lighting is turned on, the moment when it reveals its interior. But even then, the door is only unlocked when a secret button is pressed.

And as many high-end masterpieces by BUBEN & ZORWEG, the X-007 EXTREME is highly customisable. The owner can choose between a 360º glass cube for a one of kind object, a full assortment of advanced TIME MOVER® watch winders, or an option of drawer for almost every purpose. On the outside, a selection of fine materials is at hand ranging from high gloss lacquer, leather, stainless steel or gold.