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The Universe of BUBEN&ZORWEG

In 2015, BUBEN&ZORWEG celebrates two decades in the global luxury business. From a luxury safe constructed to house a collection of up to 100 fine watches, which also serves as a humidor, bar,  weather station and music system, to an elaborate Object of Time® watch wardrobe incorporating the latest watch winding technology, BUBEN&ZORWEG creations enable passionate watch lovers to savour and safeguard their most treasured possessions.

BUBEN&ZORWEG also craft collectibles of their own, with a sought-after repertoire including magnificent limited edition tourbillon clocks crafted in the BUBEN&ZORWEG atelier d’horlogerie. Best friends Harald Buben and Christian Zörweg first met in Austria at the tender age of 10. Walking back home from school together every day, they began to dream of travelling the world, and perhaps one day conquering it in their unique entrepreneurial style. Inspired by a trip to Australia in their teens, they began selling Australian opals to the jewellery trade while they were at university. While still students, they launched BUBEN&ZORWEG, specialising in luxuriously crafted watch winders, designed to encase and care for self-winding watches.

Today, BUBEN&ZORWEG is a burgeoning luxury empire with a manufactory in the heart of Germany’s engineering region near Stuttgart. With an accent on sleek, head-turning design and cutting edge technology, BUBEN&ZORWEG creates bespoke objects and interiors to showcase watches, jewellery and collectibles in private residences, on yachts and in palaces round the world, in contemporary, traditional and royal settings. With 7 standalone boutiques and over 25 in-shop boutiques, the company is present in over 100 countries. BUBEN&ZORWEG has collaborated with Aston Martin, counts heads of state, royals, athletes and Hollywood stars amongst its loyal clients and prides itself in close personal relationships with its retailers in the East and West, many having endured since the 1990s. The BUBEN&ZORWEG aesthetic takes inspiration from the early 20th century Art Deco period when purveyors of luxury combined sumptuous materials to result in extravagant and timeless objects of beauty. From the crocodile leather stitching on a safe exterior to the gleaming, impeccably shaped doors of a contemporary collectibles cabinet that captures every reflection of light, BUBEN&ZORWEG assembles teams of world-class craftspeople for each new customizable masterpiece.

A BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece is both a showcase for precious collectibles and a work of art. It might be enjoyed in a private study or dressing room. But more often than not, it becomes the centrepiece of a room and the focus of animated conversation. „We’re thrilled to mark our 20th anniversary. True luxury is to be found in the details and BUBEN&ZORWEG is rarefied luxury at its best. We invest thought into every detail – from searching far and wide to hand select rare macassar ebony with the perfect grain and colour, to the way the doors of the BUBEN&ZORWEG Object of Time Aston Martin One77 glide open and close remotely at the touch of a button,” says Christian Zorweg.



The doors of the Agartos sweep open and closed in response to sensor technology, only when the person touching the masterpiece knows where to slide their hands.

X-treme 007

The X-treme 007 is the only safe in the world with an interior that elevates at the touch of a button

Grand Collector Inbuilt

The door of the Grand Collector Inbuilt is crafted from two-way mirrored, bullet-proof glass, that becomes transparent when the light is turned on.