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unique solutions.
for unique values.
design as art.
innovation as passion.
perfect security as the assignment.

BUBEN&ZORWEG are world leaders in integrated luxury safes and high security presentation systems which enable men to savour and safeguard their most treasured possessions. For one man, it’s 100 gold bars. For another, it’s a $50 million antiquity. And for yet another, it’s a collection of 1000 handcrafted watches.  

BUBEN&ZORWEG’s unique creations can be found in private  residences, yachts and palaces round the globe. BUBEN&ZORWEG’s X-007 is the world’s only safe with an interior that elevates at the touch of a button, transforming it into a 360 degree high-security glass showcase in under 20 seconds. The aluminium wood chassis of BUBEN&ZORWEG’s Agartos safe is available in a choice of one million colours.  

The Highlight of the BUBEN&ZORWEG bespoke interiors is the Private  Museum. Placing security at its heart, the Private Museum relies on a fingerprint locking system and bullet-proof, fire-resistant, two-way mirror glass that renders the museum entirely invisible when the lighting is deactivated.

Welcome to the universe of BUBEN&ZORWEG!